Delaware News Budget 9.16

Compiled from various (&sparse) Delaware news publications

Governor visits Afghanistan

Delaware Governor Jack Markell is currently visiting U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. Along with CT Gov. Dannel Malloy, Markell is meeting with wounded soldiers in an attempt to bring attention to the sacrifice the members of the U.S. Armed forces are making in Afghanistan. The trip is part of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Governors Delegation program.

“Occupy” protesters in Salisbury

Two days after NYPD raided the Occupy Wall Street Camp at Zuccotti Park, demonstrators in Salisbury Delaware  are planning to rally Thursday as part of a nationwide “day of action.” Organizers say they want to draw attention to the need for infrastructure jobs, and for the nation’s rich to pay their fair share of taxes.

Dover Tourism Attraction

Dover has been recognized as the “Tourism Attraction of the Year” by Kent County Tourism’s 20th annual celebration. This is the 20th year that the nonprofit marketing organization has help the event.

Supreme Court Petition

The Indian River School district has filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court hoping to reinstate the opening prayer before School board meetings that was banned after a 2005 federal lawsuit. While the 128-page appeal is likely to be turned down, the attorney believes it may be relevant to national issues.

Burglars leave Homework at Crime Scene

Burglars used bricks to smash windows of a store in Rehoboth Beach, from which they took $16,000 worth of designer items. Police found fingerprints on a flashlight left at the crime scene, as well as the burglars Algebra II homework, which they used to draw a map of the outlet center.

Ambulance Owner please guilty in Child Porn Case

The owner of a Pennsylvania Ambulance service pleaded guilty to federal charges of trading images of child porn over the internet. Jason Haldeman, 38 was indicted by a federal grand jury in January after investigators found 16,000 files related to child porn on his computer. He faces  5 to 20 years in prison.|topnews|text|Home


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