Police Log Reporting

Man Arrested in North Hampton for Possession of Heroin, Intent to Distribute.

A 38-year old man was arrested in North Hampton on September 15th on suspicion of possession of heroin with intent to distribute, according to North Hampton Police Department. The arrest is the result of an ongoing investigation into the distribution of heroin in Greenfield and Montague.

Marcelino Ortiz, 38, was investigated after officers gathered information from two sources that Ortiz was making daily trips from his home in Turner’s Falls to Holyoke to purchase “bundles” of heroin, which he would then distribute to waiting customers in the Greenfield Montague area.

Officers following Ortiz found that his behavior was consistent with that of individuals engaged in narcotics trafficking. He was pulled over after police surveillance provided probable cause that he was in possession of illicit drugs.

After being informed of his rights, Ortiz said he was willing to speak with officers, and stated that he was driving to Holyoke to pick up a “nickel-bag” of marijuana. When one of the officers said that he believed Ortiz had a heroin addiction and was going to Holyoke to pick up heroin, Ortiz continued to deny that he was picking up heroin. He added that he had already consumed heroin earlier in the day and was afraid to purchase heroin in Holyoke because he believed the police were following him.

Following a search of Ortiz that revealed 20 bags of heroin, Ortiz said he wanted to cooperate. Ortiz was transported to North Hampton Police Department, where he admitted to buying and selling heroin in an audio/video interview.

Ortiz was charged with subsequent possession of a Class A drug with intent to distribute.

Car Collision in Florence

Two cars collided on Bridge Road in Florence, Ma on Oct.25th, injuring one. Robin Graves, 38, of South Hadley was stopped on Bridge Road waiting for the car in front of her to make a left turn when she was rear-ended by Courtney Macdonald, 19 of West Hampton. Macdonald stated that she looked at her friend for a second and did not see that Graves had stopped. Graves was transported to Cooley-Dickenson Hospital after complaining of pain in her neck, back, and head. Her condition is unknown.


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