Lead Writing Exercise #1

Lead-Writing Exercise

#1 AMH Bank Robbery  (more like a full story)

A bank robbery at Northampton Cooperative Bank Tuesday morning led to a police chase, resulting in the crashing of a police cruiser and three suspects behind bars, according to Amherst Police.

Kimberly Choquette, 29, is said to have driven the car containing Jamie Comeau, 39, and a Jason Choquette, 37, after Comeau, who was unarmed, presented a note to the bank teller demanding money.

The police chase ended after 10 minutes when the fleeing car was stopped in Belchertown, but not before an unmarked police cruiser veered off the road after a driver failed to heed rules to pull aside for emergency vehicles. The police officer was not injured, and cash believed to be taken from the bank was recovered.

The three suspects will appear in court Wednesday on charges of unarmed robbery.

#2 Vatican Church Decision 

Vatican officials dealt a blow to Holyoke parishioners by denying appeals.

Orders from the Vatican to close the Mater Dolorosa church have not persuaded parishioner Victor Anop and other church members to abandon their four-month occupation of the church, founded by Polish immigrants in 1896.

Parishioners deny the Diocese claims that debt is an issue, and plan to appeal the Vatican’s ruling on the structural integrity of the building.

Mater Dolorosa is set to be closed after the church announced a merger of Holyoke and Springfield Parishes.

#3 Kabul Explosion

In Ten words: Afghani peace leader assassinated at critical juncture in reconciliation process.

Using a bomb concealed in his turban, an assailant dealt a blow to the Afghan reconciliation process at a critical juncture on Tuesday by assassinating the leader of the High Peace Council.

Burhanuddin Rabbani, 71, was hosting a meeting at his home in Kabul when the assassin embraced him and ignited his device, killing them both and wounding four others.


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